Marvel's Avengers Beta Is Live Now On PS4

Crystal Dynamics surprised fans today by dropping this weekend’s beta for Marvel’s Avengers several hours early. As reported by VG247, the beta was supposed to start in closed access for players with PS4 pre-orders at 9 PM local time on August 7, but this morning, a tweet from the official Avenger’s Twitter account announced that the PS4 pre-order beta has gone live worldwide.

Avengers is the Tomb Raider developer’s latest title–allowing you to take command of a crew of superheroes trying to get back into the public’s good graces–and while it’s been highly anticipated, recent gameplay demos have left many with mixed feelings. This, combined with the announcement that Spider-Man would be a PlayStation exclusive, has put Avengers under a lot of fan scrutiny leading up to the beta.

Players curious to see what the game has in store for themselves before release will have two more chances to do so. Another beta for all PS4, Xbox One and PC pre-orders will happen the weekend of August 14, and a final open beta will be held on all platforms the weekend of August 23, though it remains to be seen if either of these will go live early as well.

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