More Valorant Act 3 Details Revealed: New Map And Battle Pass, But Agent Delayed

A new blog post from Riot has revealed more details about the changes coming to Valorant in its upcoming season. Act 3, which arrives on October 13, will introduce a snowy new map to the game, Icebox, as well as a fresh battle pass. However, the Act’s new Agent has been delayed until the end of the month.

Icebox will bring some much-needed diversity to Valorant’s current map rotation, bringing the number to five total. While the map will be playable in unrated play on October 13, it won’t be available for competitive matches until October 27. Earlier this week, a video released by the developer explained the wide-ranging shifts that the patch will bring to the game’s competitive modes, which include tightening the ranked queue disparity from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, as well as giving players the option to select their preferred server.

Act 3 also includes a variety of new cosmetic items, including a few new gun buddies, the weapon skin Singularity, and plenty of player cards. While we don’t know much about Valorant’s new Agent yet, the teases seem to hint at a fox-themed character, suggesting a stealthy playstyle reminiscent of Jett and Omen.

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