Ruiner Is Bringing Wild Top-Down Action To Switch Soon

Ruiner, a top-down cyberpunk action game that debuted on PC, PS4, and Xbox One back in 2017, is coming to Switch. The news, announced by the game’s official Twitter account, will please the game’s fans who have evidently been asking for a Switch port.

Cheekily, the binary in the tweet translates to “soon”.

Ruiner is a top-down action game with a focus on shooting, set in the year 2091. You play as a cybernetically enhanced killer who is seeking their kidnapped brother, and the game has been celebrated for its beautiful brutality and huge arsenal of futuristic weapons. You can also ditch the laser rifles, ultrasonic guns, and lightning canons in favor of a katana or pipe, if the mood hits.

Ruiner received an 8/10 in our original review, and reviewer David Rayfield praised the game’s story and gameplay. “Through the endless bodies that fall by your hand, the grim layers of the story peel away to divulge a few surprises about the meaning of life, death and revenge. It is a revealing journey that’s well worth taking but it is apparent from the opening scene to the mysterious finale, the only thing that is pure and absolute in the world of Ruiner is murder.”

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