Tank Customization Comes To Battlefield 5 Early Next Month

After promising the feature even before the game launched in November 2018, DICE has announced that tank customization is finally coming to Battlefield 5 as a free update for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 4.

As part of Battlefield 5’s upcoming 6.2 update–which also includes a big weapons balance adjustment and drops next week–tank customization allows you to deck out your armored-ballistic vehicle to your heart’s content. With both Company Coin or Battlefield Currency–Battlefield 5’s two in-game money options–you can make all sorts of changes from the tank’s chassis to its turret and everything in between.

DICE will be adding 37 customization items to purchase through your Company, with “the rest of them [rotating] through [the] Armory.” Like weapons or soldier skins, the rotating items will come in a variety of rarities. More customization pieces will get added in the future, with DICE saying that “salad tanks” (i.e. “a cool feature where the foliage changes color with the skin you apply”) may be coming sometime soon.

Tank customization has been long-requested by the Battlefield 5 community. On the game’s menu, the feature had the “coming soon” tag for so long that DICE is turning it into a paint job. If you log in between March 4-24, you’ll get an Epic “coming soon” chassis for the Sherman tank. Check some of the images below.

Earlier this month, DICE tweaked Battlefield 5 a little by adjusting the tank spawn rate on Breakthrough’s first Sector. The studio said this should create a “balanced number of Tanks on the Battlefield for the Second Sector.” This adjustment came not long after Battlefield 5’s Into the Jungle update went live on all platforms.

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