Braid Anniversary Edition coming in 2021

Braid, the time-bending puzzle game first released in 2008, is coming to PlayStation 4. The announcement was made Thursday during Sony’s State of Play livestream presentation. Called Braid Anniversary Edition, it will include higher resolution visuals and an in-depth developer commentary.

Designed by Jonathan Blow (The Witness), Braid was first released for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, before eventually getting ported to Windows and PlayStation 3. It tells a heart-wrenching story of loss through minimalist narrative chunks that serve almost as Easter eggs. The main attraction is the gameplay itself, which makes creative use of time manipulation.

During Thursday’s presentation, developers said that the classic puzzle adventure is being “hand-repainted.” The final product will also include a massive commentary that developers say will be the most detailed of its kind ever made.

“I want to say stuff that really gets to the heart of why things are the way they are,” Jonathan Blow wrote on the game’s official website, “rather than just saying some surface stuff for the sake of doing commentary, as often happens. I want to cover all subjects involved in the game — art, programming, game design, level design, history of independent games, whatever else — and if you want a high-level, short explanation, you can get that, but if you want a 20-minute-long explanation of why a particular puzzle is the way it is, you can get that too.”

No release date or price was given, outside the 2021 launch window.

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