Steam’s top seller is an expansion for a 2016 strategy title, Stellaris

The top selling game on Steam as of Tuesday is an expansion for a strategy game first published in 2016. Stellaris: Federations enhances the political aspects of the spacefaring game. It’s the eleventh piece of downloadable content made for the game, and the largest update since June 2019.

Stellaris is known as a 4x game, a sub-category of the grand strategy genre that stands for Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate. Players begin with a single planet, and then set out to discover and conquer the entire galaxy. With campaigns that can run for 80 hours or more, it’s just the sort of things that can help pass the time while you’re cooped up at home during a quarantine. Best of all, the developers at Paradox have continually refined the experience over the last four years. The end result is a product that is much, much better than it was at launch.

According to the product description, Federations adds quite a few new features to the game, including the ability to establish a galactic senate.

Stellaris is now being sold as a starter set, with the most important expansions bundled in. Usually priced at $79.97, you can get it right now for 66% off — just $26.97 — on Steam. The new Federations expansion will run you another $19.99. The game is also available directly from the Paradox Store. Stellaris is also available on consoles. Information on the Federations expansion for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is expected at a later date.

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