Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Complete Label’s Fashion Challenge

Among the many simple pleasures of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability for each player to tailor their playstyle to their own in-game interests. Those with a green thumb can focus on planting a variety of trees and flowers on their island, while the entrepreneurially-minded can spend time scheming ways to get Bells fast. For fashion-oriented players, New Horizons offers a surprising amount of depth. New types of clothing can be obtained from the Able Sisters’ clothing shop, the Nook Terminal in the Resident Services building, DIY recipes, floating balloons, and even your fellow villagers. A huge variety of clothing types ensures looks are customizable to your own unique sense of style or even just your mood on an individual day.

For all of the outfit hoarders out there, Label’s fashion challenge offers a chance to show off the depth of your wardrobe. Before partaking, however, there are a few prerequisites to meeting up with Label in the first place.

Who Is Label?

Most Animal Crossing fans are already familiar with Mabel and Sable, the hedgehog sisters who run the clothing store as they have in past Animal Crossing games. Label is the third Able Sister. Unlike her siblings, whose role has remained the same throughout the Animal Crossing franchise, Label changes jobs from game to game. She began her career working for high-end clothing store GracieGrace in City Folk, joined her fellow hedgehogs at Able Sisters in New Leaf, and now in New Horizons works as a traveling fashion designer.

Label mentions that she used to be known as Labelle, a more fanciful version of her name that she used when she worked for the fanciful GracieGrace. Now Labelle is the name of her custom clothing line.

Unlocking Label

Before Label can visit, you’ll need to have the Able Sisters shop built on your island. The prerequisite for this is building the Nook’s Cranny shop, the second major task on your island, following your first home loan payment.

A short conversation between Mabel, Timmy and Tommy plays upon visiting Nook’s Cranny for the first time. From then on, Mabel can be found in the central plaza both randomly during the week and consistently on Saturdays and Sundays. After buying at least five items for a minimum sum of 5,000 Bells over at least two days, Tom Nook will provide you with a kit you can use to decide on a permanent location for the Abel Sisters’ shop. Once the shop is built Label can randomly visit your island.

Completing Label’s Fashion Challenge

If Label’s decided to visit she can be found in the central plaza. After talking to Label, she will task you with returning to her wearing a specific kind of outfit. These can range from a type of every day look, like a casual outfit or something a professional would wear, to fantastical costumes, like a fairy tale or gothic outfit.

Before returning to your wardrobe to outfit your villager in her desired look, she’ll provide you with one clothing item that fits into her provided criteria. Whether or not you incorporate it into your final look is up to you. After using your best judgment to assemble the kind of outfit she’s described, return to Label for an assessment. If you pass, Label will reward you with an item from her custom clothing line. She’ll also send by mail a Tailor Token that can be exchanged for a clothing item worth 3,000 Bells or less at the Able Sisters shop.

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