Animal Crossing: New Horizons – I Bought The "Top 8 Cool Hairstyles" Pack So You Don’t Have To

One of the first tasks when starting up Animal Crossing: New Horizons is creating your character. And while there are plenty of choices to be had, it’s hard to ignore the lack of available hairstyles. Although the options are limited at first, many more can be purchased later in the game.

Once you’ve paid off the initial expenses for your airfare, trip, and taxes, Tom Nook will invite you to the Nook Mileage Plus program. With this comes the ability to earn and redeem Nook Miles, a type of currency that can be used to buy a wide variety of products — including new hairstyles.

Next up was this cut, showing off a single perfectly sculpted ear. Erin Hannon from The Office would be proud:

Then we’ve got a bob of sorts, something I almost deemed worthy enough for my deserted islander.

The fourth style was this adorable cut, featuring a few stray hairs dangling in front of the player’s face.

And then we get to this one. It’s easily the worst of the “cool” haircuts, and at this point I’m questioning whether or not I even know the meaning of the word.

I’m going to speed through the rest, because we’ve got this:

Then this:

And finally this. It’s probably one of the “cooler” cuts of them all, and no doubt the namesake for the pack.

While the “Top 8 Cool Hairstyles” weren’t quite my cup of tea, they might be perfect for your character. Honestly, I think I’m just not cool anymore.

Time to get back to my island.

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