COD Warzone: Why Is The Stadium So Useless?

That big stadium in the south end of Verdansk is pretty big, but you can’t even go inside. Why is that?

Call of Duty: Warzone introduced us to Verdansk, a fictional city loosely based on the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine. The city has been abandoned ever since the Chernobyl disaster, with buildings just sitting there completely empty.

Pripyat does have a stadium, but it’s not like the thing you see in Verdansk. Acropolis National Arena (as it’s called) is a giant domed structure that’s made to look like an American-style stadium. Pripyat’s actual stadium is little more than an open field surrounded by bleachers.

And yet, Pripyat’s actual stadium might be better for Warzone than the fictional Acropolis Arena. The problem? The Stadium doesn’t let you inside.

You can land on top of the Stadium and you can definitely run around it, but all the doors are locked and you can’t go inside. This not only makes the Stadium a terrible place to look for cover in a firefight, but it also seems like a huge wasted opportunity.

Ever since Warzone came out last week, players have complained that the Stadium could be vastly improved from what it is now. Imagine fighting the bleachers, seats throwing up shrapnel as a running battle breaks out. Or what about sniping from the upper decks to unsuspecting victims on the field? Or a close-quarters shootout in the locker room where players would normally be celebrating their victories?

All these possibilities and the only thing the Stadium is good for now is camping out with a sniper or missile launcher.

Warzone players have made their desires clear: they want to see Acropolis Arena opened up. No more roof camping, and instead, let people run inside.

From the way the Stadium is currently set up, it seems like Infinity Ward will eventually expand upon it in future updates. Let’s hope so, because the way it is now is just a giant waste of space.

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