Critical Role’s Best Moments – Campaign 2 Episode 96

This week’s episode of Critical Role involved plenty of hilarious moments from Sam’s ad spots, to callbacks of well-known comedy routines, silly voices, and much more. Here are a few of the best moments from Campaign 2 Episode 96.

Spoilers ahead for Campaign 2 Episode 96 of Critical Role!

Sam Commits to the Bits

As I’m sure every Critter is well aware, Sam is known for the hilarious advertising bits he plans for the beginning of nearly every episode of Critical Role. This week’s ad spot was no exception.

In order to advertise for a new game, Two Point Hospital, Sam decided to pose as the doctor he would like to be: Dr. Love. Unfortunately, Sam was feeling a bit under the weather this week so the ad spot was short, but it still carried that inexplicable charm and hilarity that he’s known for, with some assistance from Marisha and Liam.

Soon after, the Mighty Nein entered a fight with a bull that had petrified the Stone family, the Clay family, and various forest animals. DM Matt asked Sam where he wished his character, Nott, was placed on the battle map, and Sam used it as a brilliant segue into the second ad spot of the night.

Steve Blum?!

Matt always has the most entertaining and diverse voices for his NPCs, and this episode was no exception. Jester and Caduceus cast greater restoration on some of the petrified beings, one of whom was a Dragonborn named Mecatoth who sounded a bit like talented voice actor Steve Blum (Cowboy BebopWolverine and the X-Men).

Cupcake Sandwich

This moment has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, but Laura Baliey made a cupcake sandwich and we knew it had to be included as a best moment. A cupcake sandwich is a genius way of eating a cupcake without ending up with frosting on your entire face, and was worth Matt stopping the game for.

Nott Stone or Not Stone?

When the Mighty Nein introduced themselves to Caduceus’ father, Cornelius, things got a bit complicated. Fjord introduced himself as Fjord Stone, and clarified that he had no relation to the Stone family. Beau had previously told Cornelius that she was “not important”, and Nott’s name can be a little bit confusing in a conversation (and she’s not Stone). Thus, this very confusing and amazing moment was born:

Oh, Brother

Caduceus Clay, whose entire family left in an attempt to save their home, was finally able to reunite with them after the Mighty Nein saved them from being petrified. A beautiful and funny moment between siblings ensued when Caduceus attempted to sneak up on his sister Calliope while she was spending time alone.

You can watch next week’s episode of Critical Role at 6pm PST/8pm CT on their Twitch channel. The cast will be at the C2E2 convention in Chicago and will be hosting the show in front of a live audience there, hence the schedule change.

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