First Trailer For Sword Reverie Reveals JRPG Inspired Gameplay

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) might have been cancelled but that isn’t going to stop studios around the world from showcasing their latest projects. Isekai Entertainment, a studio focused on creating anime and manga-inspired virtual reality (VR) titles has just released its first official trailer for Sword Reverie, an action-adventure videogame slated for release later this year. 

Inspired by Japanese role-playing games (JRPG), Sword Reverie aims to offer a rich fantasy realm to explore in a similar vein Legend of Zelda or Ni No Kuni. Like any good RPG Sword Reverie needs a good back story: “After a thousand years of peace, the boiling tensions between the “kingdom of man” and the elemental lords continue to escalate. Seeing that the threat of a catastrophic war is imminent, the Guardian Magnus uses his powers to summon you the “Hero” to his realm, to become his new apprentice.”

In Sword Reverie you play as this mysterious hero, summoned to protect this unknown world. By your side is Magnus, the latest in a long line of Guardians and Stella, a skilled archer who has spent her life training to avenge the deaths of her parents. You’ll be able to utilise physics-based combat when dealing with enemies, triggering skills by moving your body – similar to gesture-based gameplay in some magic-based titles. As progress is made you’ll be able to master four elements to use in battle, each granting you special powers to effectively dismantle different enemies.

Currently in development for Oculus Rift as well as other SteamVR compatible headsets, Sword Reverie is slated for release later this year with Isekai Entertainment also mentioning versions for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest are planned further down the line.

Check out the first trailer for the videogame below. As further gameplay details for Sword Reverie are released VRFocus will let you know.

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