‘I tried Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset – an absurdly expensive game-changer’

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    I’m no fan of VR. Having tested plenty of headsets in the past, the experience definitely hasn’t felt like the future.

    Now there’s a device from Apple called the Vision Pro and it’s definitely like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

    First, I have to mention the price. At $3,499 (£3,000) this device, which looks just like futuristic ski goggles, is ludicrously expensive. But this isn’t just another VR headset.

    Even the setup is distinctive, with Apple scanning my face and checking my vision to make sure I had the ultimate experience.

    It was then time to go virtual, and where things get really clever is the Vision Pro’s ability to mix the real and the digital together.

    Cameras all over the headset allow you to see everything going on around you, so you never feel isolated or claustrophobic.

    It also means you can walk around the room without tumbling over the coffee table.

    Tap the Apple Watch-style Digital Crown on the side of the Vision Pro and you’ll see all the familiar family of Apple apps pop up and float in front of your face.

    Clever eye tracking means you then simply stare at the app and motion tracking monitors your hands, with a simple pinch of your fingers acting like the click of a mouse. It all feels incredibly intuitive and I mastered the controls in minutes.

    If you want to go fully immersive, a quick spin of the Digital Crown makes the real world gently disappear and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a dark cinema ready to watch a movie.

    There are a bunch of other clever features including being able to create 3D Spatial videos which, when replayed, make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

    The realism is boosted further thanks to Spatial Audio, which is pumped into your ears via tiny speakers on either side of the headband.

    My demo lasted for 30 minutes and I didn’t want it to stop – it’s a truly game-changing gadget.

    Yes, it’s very expensive and there’s still the issue of how long you’d really want to wear it for.

    The two-hour battery life also isn’t ideal, although you can plug into the mains for all-day usage.

    I was sceptical when I sat down for my exclusive demo at Apple Park in California, but what I witnessed just might change the future of work and play.

    If you don’t believe me, just wait until you get a chance to test it in Apple Stores next year.

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