NBA 2K20: How to Fix Error Code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C?

NBA 2K20 released late last night fans are no doubt getting stuck into the new game as we speak.

As you might imagine though, no new game launch is without a few errors, especially titles that rely heavily on multiplayer environments where players can gather together.

NBA 2K20 is no different and following the release, there was understandably a number of errors impacting the game, namely with the error codes "EFEAB30C" or "4B538E50".

To help players out, we've pulled together a quick guide based on some info from 2K Support to help aid anyone experiencing issues.

How to Fix Error Code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C in NBA 2K20

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According to a 2K Games Support page, the error is a result of not having the latest update data downloaded.

"When that happens, it means you can't continue on to play until you've got the most recent update downloaded," warn 2K.

"If that's the case, you'll have to wait for the data to download to your console or PC. Exactly how long this takes varies, depending on the size of the download and the speed of your internet connection."

A quickfire solution is to play a couple of games in the 'Play Now' mode to help trigger the download. when your game is completed and you've gone back to the main menu you should be met with a loading screen, during which the update will apply.

The above is the most common cause for the error message, however, its not the only reason you might be getting an error.

2K also warns that it could be a number of other reasons, including:

  1. The account email confirmation needs to be sent again.
  2. You may have exceeded the number of allowed NBA 2K accounts on your console.
  3. There may be some software blocking your connection to our servers.
  4. Reserved Space has been cleared on your hard drive.
  5. Your data is out of sync.

If the original fix doesn't solve the problem, then follow the link below for a full breakdown of other solutions and the steps required to fix the error codes "EFEAB30C" and "4B538E50"

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