Oculus Quest Horror ‘Project TERMINUS’ to Launch Kickstarter Campaign Soon

It seems as though a season of virtual reality (VR) horror is upon us as White Door Games recently announced  Cosmophobia and Drifter Entertainment will soon release Lies Beneath. In a couple of weeks indie developer CVR will begin a Kickstarter crowd-funding for its survival horror on Oculus Quest, Project TERMINUS. 

Set in Paris, France, cities around the world are being attacked by swarms of nanites which assimilate anyone they come into contact with. While the origin of these swarms unknown, those who are assimilated become a threat, a combination of biological and robotic matter which is now devoid of the character they once were. Afflicted cities have become quarantine zones and you’re trapped on the inside.

Gameplay in Project TERMINUS revolves around realism and survival. Your bag isn’t unlimited so careful decisions have to be made regarding useful tools, food and other items. The same goes for interactions within the videogame. If you need to crawl through a ventilation duct then you’ll need to get on your hands and knees or kneel behind a counter so as not to be spotted by an enemy. You’ll need to sneak past swarms and the assimilated, solve clues to unlock new routes and talk to NPC’s to influence what happens next.

There will be a single-player story mode offering around seven hours of gameplay or you can enjoy the campaign in coop mode for up to four players. Project TERMINUS will also include several online multiplayer modes where teams can try to survive waves of enemies or battle one another as either survivors or assimilated.

CVR intends to launch the Kickstarter campaign on 17th March to help support development but hasn’t yet revealed more much the campaign is looking to raise. Currently, an alpha demo is available via SideQuest where you can download either the Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift version. To coincide with the Kickstarter launch the studio will be releasing a new 30-minute demo showcasing the beginning of Project TERMINUS.

Take a look at the latest teaser video below and for further information on Project TERMINUS ahead of the Kickstarter, keep reading VRFocus.

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