Pure Evoke Play is a part-wood, part-metal home speaker for music lovers

This is one neat, stylish looking speaker.

It combines cutting edge sound technology with a classic metal and wood aesthetic.

The Pure Evoke Play is pricey at £280, but the sound it delivers is excellent and you can both hear and feel where that extra money has been spent on delivering this unit.

That said it’s not perfect and frustratingly lacks a couple of things that could really elevate the device to the top level.

Firstly, you have to pay extra if you want the unplug-and-play battery.

That should arguably come in the box.

So if you’re not willing to stretch to another £60-odd for 12 hours of free roaming then you’ll be limited in having to use the speaker in a plugged environment.

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Also, It only offers Spotify connect music streaming while other, comparable, and sometimes cheaper, speakers also offer access direct to other streaming services like Deezer and Amazon Music too.

That said you can easily connect via bluetooth and you simply can’t deny the quality of sound here.

The two 20mm soft dome tweeters mix perfectly with the significant 3.5in woofer to provide a crisp, clear and bassy all-round 40-watt stereo sound.

Crank it up and it blasts big and wide, delivering excellent music across multiple genres.

I tried heavy rock from the likes of Maneskin followed by disco-filled tunes from Dua Lipa and softer Ed Sheeran ballads and the speaker seemed to tackle each with ease.

Arguably it’s slightly too bossy, but that suited me and it was never as the expense of the clarity.

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There’s a handy 2.4in user-friendly colour screen to see what you’re streaming or playing via the built-in internet radio, DAB and classic analogue FM tuner, complete with expanding antenna on the back.

And the display folds down too for on-the-go carrying ease.

There’s a basic alarm menu too if you want this by your head on the bedside table and presets to tune speedily into your favourite radio stations.

Pure has done a good job here in offering a cracker speaker sound with a look that fits comfortably around the home.

It is on the expensive side and misses out on more versatile in-built streaming connection.

But it covers all the key connection bases and, ultimately, gives you quality sound.


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