Spawn – From Hell & Full Of Chaos: Mortal Kombat 11 Character Review

The wait is finally over as Spawn, one of the most requested characters for years finally makes his way into Mortal Kombat 11. Players who have purchased Kombat Pack I will have instant access to the fighter today, while those who look to pick him up individually will need to wait an additional week, as has been the case with each DLC character release. In any case, the wait would be well worth it, as our review of Spawn reveals a character that is well made, true to the concept crafted over decades of comic book inspiration, and extremely fun to play.

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Chains And Capes Excite Me

The gameplay reveal trailer for Spawn shown during Final Kombat 2020 gave the impression that both chains and the signature cape would play a large part in this new fighter’s playstyle, and that has proven to be true.

In terms of projectile attacks, Necro Blast is a basic move that can be amplified to send a second projectile, which is useful for finishing certain strings and quite favorable on block to avoid a punish.

Fatal Phantasm is likely to be one of Spawn’s most important attacks thanks to re-standing an opponent, which can be powerful in that it denies the opportunity for a stand-up attack. It can be amplified for even more damage and is sure to a staple for competitive play.

The Eighth Circle Of Hell

Among the most powerful Fatal Blow attacks in the game are those with flexibility in how they are executed. Erron Black is a major threat thanks to the distance from which he can attack, Joker can delay when the attack is used, and Spawn has the option to vary the angle of his Fatal Blow.

By default, Spawn throws the grenade to begin the animation closer to the ground, but he also has the option to instead toss upwards into the air. This does not require any special conditions or additional resources to cast and is executed by holding up.

Spawn also has a unique ability named Invoking The Legion, which allows for the use of a Fatal Blow while over 30% of his life total. If done while below 30%, the damage will simply increase, and this is sure to be a solid move.

Kompetitive Variations

It is impossible to say exactly which variations will be most powerful in the competitive scene, since the slightest change to balance in the coming months can throw everything out the window.

The first variation is From Hell. This provides players with access to Fallen Angel, a simple but effective move that changes air dive kicks, allowing players to attack earlier, but also serving to throw off opponents who are not familiar with this variation. It is sure to always be useful against all but the most studious of opponents who remember this slight change in Spawn’s air attack.

Guns Blazing, which replaces the basic projectile with machine guns, can be amplified for more damage and is effective for ending strings, especially if knocking an opponent into the air. Blaze of Glory is a great attack that hits low, and can parry other low attacks, causing a crushing blow if connecting properly.

The second variation, The One, looks to reward players who can competently perform complex combo strings, but is sure to be the most difficult of all three tournament variations. Charging Hellspawn replaces the basic War Club and allows for a launch when amplified. It will serve is a fantastic combo starter, and likely what we see at the highest ranks of play.

Air Leetha Glide is a simple move that allows for, as the name suggests, gliding through the air for a moment. Players can perform all their airborne normal attacks, which should be a great way to engage an opponent. The key here is that with practice, both this and Charging Hellspawn will allow for Spawn to dish out some serious damage.

The final Kompetitive variation is Hellspawn. Here we see Raising Hell replace the basic move, Fatal Phantasm, which is a low attack that can be amplified for a second hit. Lethal Leetha Stance is the first place to explore head games with your opponent, drawing chains from Spawn’s cape and giving players options as to how to strike. Players can go high, launching in the corner, or low. Experimenting with this is a useful way to mess with an opponent and keep them guessing.

The head games continue in a major way with Hell Chain, which replaces the basic move Unholy Veil and is a high grab. The important feature of this is that it can be used as a powerful combo ender, grabbing an opponent in mid-air and slamming them into the ground. It can be amplified for more damage, or players can spend a bar from both their offensive and defensive meter to become invisible. From here, it remains to be seen how valuable it is for a player to be unseen. At the very least, it will allow for some serious head games.

Straight From Hell To Bust Some Skulls

Now that every character has been released in the first Kombat Pack, we can say with confidence that NetherRealm Studios has done an outstanding job with each new fighter. Spawn looks and feels true to the source material that comic book-readers have come to love over nearly three decades of issues.

On the competitive front, Spawn looks to be an outstanding addition to ranked play. His second variation is likely to be the biggest threat at future tournaments. In the same way that SonicFox dominated Final Kombat 2020 with Joker using his combo-heavy variation, a competent Spawn player will be a beast to deal with.

While players enjoy the new character, now the real question is what lies ahead. Speculation is that NetherRealm Studios might announce a second Kombat Pack with even more characters, but who that would include is a complete mystery.

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