The Nokia T20 is a good all-round entertainment tablet at an affordable price

The newly-reinvigorated Nokia brand has released it’s first tablet and the savvy piece of tech does a great job for those everyday uses at an affordable price.

It sits cost-wise alongside the cheap Amazon Fire tablets starting at as little as £179.99.

That’s obviously way cheaper than the latest £320 iPads but obviously you’re not getting that amazing Apple premium tech here.

And Nokia’s new owners HMD Global aren’t pretending you are either.

Instead, the T20 is being marketed as an “affordable, versatile tablet for the all family”.

And on that front they do deliver.

The T20 is well designed with a sleek matt blue back metal panel and 10.4in crisp 2K screen that feels great in the hands and compares favourably to other devices at a similar price point.

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The powerful 8200mAh3 battery takes an age to charge but it does last for ages too, around 15 hours a go when watching videos.

So you’ll find yourself leaving it around the house as a bit of a pick-up-and-put-down-again tech each member of the family will find useful at points.

The kids loved it for the ease in which the basic Android user interface allowed them to download games from the Google store.

I was happy to scan YouTube for movie trailers and memes and my partner enjoyed the ease of access to her favourite news and entertainment websites.

It’s all ‘easy’ which is ideal for an entry level tablet, because in the recent past – and even arguably with today’s Amazon rivals – the speed, simplicity of user access and quality of cheaper machines has been a little poor.

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It’s effectively a big Nokia phone, running the same software under the hood at impressive pace for the firm’s first fledgling attempt. Although it’s no iPad when it comes to overall user quality.

I’d stick with using the T20 for entertainment purposes generally.

While it’s billed as a bit of a work/video conference meeting device too it’s not going to be as good as most laptops people have for home working.

The onboard cameras, 5MP front and 8MP rear, are relatively basic and won’t offer that pin-sharp imagery many now desire. But the dual microphones are a boost.

One of the best additions is Google Kids Space, a trusted safe user interface for the youngsters to play within and enjoy the apps on offer.

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The tablet is also blue light certified so that they can have lengthy gaming sessions whilst being kind to their eyes.

And the stereo speakers give movies and TV shows a welcome kick, but they’re not amazing.

Also, with Ambient mode, you can display your memories for all to see, turning the tablet into an interactive picture frame showcasing the weather, your upcoming meetings and images.

Nokia throws in two years of OS upgrades to make sure you get the latest Android software going through to the end of 2023 and also three years of monthly security updates to keep the virtual nasties at bay.

This is a great Start for Nokia and here’s to seeing what they do next in the tablet space. We’d love to see a premium full-spec option in future.


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