Trials Of Mana: Best Ways To Level Up

With Trials of Mana now out and available on Western shores, fans of the series can finally experience the title originally released solely in Japan. Yet, like many JRPG’s before it, many may be looking for a way to level up quickly in Trials of Mana.

According to Twinfinite, you can do this by a few different ways.

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The first involves good old-fashioned grinding. Almost every location in the game contains a bevy of enemies that you can fight and take down for experience. For instance, you can boost your experience-gaining by exiting and entering dungeons over and over. Doing this respawns the enemies, making for quick grinding, which is even further boosted by dungeons that have entry locations that act as both points of healing and saving.

While grinding is the classic method by which you can level up quickly in Trials of Mana, there are a couple of other things at your disposal. For instance, battle grading bonuses offer a great way to level up fast in Trials of Mana. A battle grading bonus is a bonus that one gets by getting some kind of achievement during battle. For instance, one achievement might involve the way you finish off enemies or sustaining no damage for the duration of a battle.

The final method that helps one to level up quickly involves the use of Cookies. Although rare, Cookies are items in Trials of Mana that award players with buffs that boost how much experience they can gain during battle. When you choose from the extensive variety of Cookies, you can then making grinding sessions more advantageous, getting greater experience from battle than you would without Cookies.

Cookies can be found in treasure chests or can be obtained through Item Seeds. Further, the bonus from Cookies is applicable in addition to the battle grading bonuses.

The above are the three ways that you can gain experience fast in Trials of Mana. Like most JRPG’s, leveling up requires a lot of patience, but with the appropriate tools, you can make the experience more efficient.

Trials of Mana is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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