Virtual Battlegrounds’ Steam Early Access Launch Lands Early April

Just over a year ago, VRFocus reported on indie developer CyberDream and its battle royale title Virtual Battlegrounds, expected to arrive that spring. That didn’t happen, seeing a number of delays in the process. Having started the project back in 2017 – first shown to the public in July 2018 – the team has announced that it’s ready to launch Virtual Battlegrounds via Steam Early Access in a weeks time.  

Aiming to bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) style of gameplay into virtual reality (VR), Virtual Battlegrounds  wants to offer players as much flexibility as possible when traversing the battlefield. There will be options available for locomotion, aiming, freelook and interactions, enabling players to climb anything for the perfect vantage point, blind fire corners, dual wield weapons, opt for close-quarters melee combat, slide into cover and zipline across the map if they so wish.

Virtual Battlegrounds will feature six singleplayer and co-op training modes focused on strengthening players skillsets, while the main Battle Royale modes have solo, squad and custom private lobby options. The training modes include a basic basketball court, firing ranges, shoot-house training, PvE bot modes, PvPvE Battle training for squad modes and a multiplayer CQC arena.

The main event will support up to 24 players across a 4sq KM map filled with environmental features to utilise. All the weapons will be realistic and physics-based – which includes the ballistics – plus players will be able to use attachments to improve their loadouts. This realism stretches to locomotion as well, so players will need to get those arms moving.

One of the big reasons videogames like Fortnite have done so well is thanks to user-generated content, streaming on platforms like Twitch. So CyberDream has ensured that Virtual Battlegrounds players can do something similar, offering LIV support for anyone wanting to stream/record their gameplay.

Virtual Battlegrounds is scheduled to arrive on Steam Early Access on 8th April, supporting Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. The studio has also confirmed Virtual Battlegrounds will work on Oculus Quest using an Oculus Link connection.

Check out the new launch trailer below and for further updates on Virtual Battlegrounds, keep reading VRFocus.

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