Zero Caliber PSVR Port 'Going Very Well', A-Tech Cybernetic PSVR 'Right Around The Corner'

XREAL Games has good news for PSVR fans awaiting ports of its two games, A-Tech Cybernetic and Zero Caliber.

A-Tech Cybernetic, a first-person zombie shooter that we’re somewhat fond of, is in its “final, final, final state” of development. That is according to XREAL itself, by way of the developer’s recent update video. The team is currently working on PlayStation Store information for the game and expects release to be right around the corner.

A-Tech sees players awaken in a strange facility on an alien planet, overrun with zombie-like enemies. You need to shoot your way through the base and work out what exactly is going on. We’ve always liked the game’s considered pacing.

Meanwhile on the PC VR front, the game is soon to get an update adding in support for Valve’s Index Controllers.

There was also an update on Zero Caliber, the developer’s newest shooter. 2020 will include new maps and optimizations for the game, which remains in Early Access on SteamVR. XREAL is also working on a PSVR port of that, which it says is “going very well”. In order to keep the game’s extensive weapon attachment system in place, this version of the title will only support PlayStation Move controllers. Zero Caliber is a polished modern shooter that we like to stream from time-to-time.

No word yet on possible Oculus Quest versions of either game. Will you be picking up the Zero Caliber PSVR port or the console version of A-Tech Cybernetic? Let us know in the comments below!

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