Get All The PS4 And Xbox One Storage You Can Handle For Around $100

If you haven’t already gotten yourself a big external hard drive for your PS4, Xbox One, or PC, now is a good time to do so. There are a lot of games coming out this year, and most of them are going to have huge file sizes–and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s patches are gigantic. That’s why these two recent deals on external hard drives from Amazon are so enticing. You can get two excellent drives for under $100 each.

The WD 5TB external hard drive costs $110, while the Seagate 6TB external hard drive is $98.10–both hard drives normally sell for $130 each. Both drives are available with free Prime two-day shipping and will give you plenty of space for a lot of games. I currently use a 4GB external hard drive, and I keep the vast majority of my Xbox One library on it and the console’s own storage space.

WD 5TB Elements portable external hard drive

$110 ($130)

WD’s 5TB external hard drive is currently $110. It’s quite compact, measuring 4.35-inches by 3.23-inches, and is easy to store next to your PS4 or Xbox One. That makes it much more portable than the Seagate 6TB drive.

Seagate 6TB desktop external hard drive

$98.10 ($130)

Seagate’s 6TB external hard drive is down to $98.10. That’s less money for more storage, but it’s important to note that Seagate’s drive is quite a bit bigger, measuring 6.93-inches by 4.75 inches. It also requires its own power adapter, so if your outlet real estate is already crowded, then it might be best to get the WD drive.

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