Best VR Exercise And Workout Apps To Keep Active On Oculus Quest

One of the best advantages of the cord-free, standalone Oculus Quest VR system is that you’ve got much more freedom and range of movement than a traditional PC VR setup. That means that the Quest is one of the best VR systems to use to keep active and take part in virtual workouts using VR exercise.

We’ve put together a list of the best apps on Quest that keep you active and let you do some VR exercise and workout while wearing an HMD. While not all of the apps are strictly designed for exercise, a lot of them will keep you moving enough to qualify as active or can be played in such a way that you manually up the intensity intentionally for a workout or exercise routine.

The Thrill of the Fight [Store Page] $9.99

There are a number of boxing games available on the Quest, but The Thrill of the Fight aims to be the most true-to-life in terms of its boxing mechanics. A few rounds in the ring and you’ll be sweating profusely. We definitely prefer this one over Creed VR on Quest.

Eleven: Table Tennis VR [Store Page] $19.99

There are a couple of table tennis apps for Quest, and Eleven might not seem super intensive at first glance. However, if you play for a significant amount of time at a high level, you can definitely start to feel the intensity ramp up. You can even 3D print your own table tennis paddle grip for an Oculus Touch controller to take your sessions to an extra level of realism.

Racket Fury [Store Page] $19.99

Similar to Eleven, Racket Fury is another ping pong game on Quest, albeit with a few differences. We wrote a whole break down on the differences between the two, but suffice it to say that significant time spent in either should help you work up a sweat.

Racket: Nx [Store Page] $19.99

Not to be confused with the Racket Fury listed above, Racket Nx is not a table tennis game but rather a game that’s been described as “racquetball meets breakout”. It’s a perfect match for the cord-less Quest, giving you full range of motion to go wild and get active. It’s one of the best examples of how to emphasize 360-degree spinning movements as core gameplay.

Dance Central [Store Page] $29.99

Dance like nobody’s watching! Get down and boogie while staying active in Dance Central from Harmonix. There’s a a bunch of popular songs to choose from and a couple of difficulty settings to keep you occupied and active.

Rec Room [Store Page] Free

Although it might not strike you as a very active game at first glance, some of the game modes available in Rec Room on Quest are great options if you want a quick option to get moving. UploadVR Editor David Jagneaux recommends the Dodgeball, Paintball, and even Stunt Runner games for active workout options in Rec Room.

Swords of Gargantua [Store Page] $19.99

This is another recommendation that comes direct from UploadVR Editor David Jagneaux. Sweat it out while you swing it out against some gigantic foes in Swords of Gargantua. Even better, you can do it in cooperative multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

BoxVR [Store Page] $29.99

If Thrill of the Fight is the realistic boxing simulator on Quest, then BoxVR is the opposite. You may not get true-to-life boxing here, but you will get a rhythm boxing game crossover, and one which keeps you incredibly active to boot. The entire app is specifically designed as a work out tool.

Beat Saber [Store Page] $29.99

How could we not include VR’s poster child on this list? This one should be pretty self-explanatory – a couple of levels on Expert or Expert+ in Beat Saber will get your heart rate pumping like there’s no tomorrow.

Superhot VR [Store Page] $24.99

Superhot gives you the best of both worlds — not only will you work up a sweat dodging bullets and ducking under enemies, but you get to play through one of the best games available on the Oculus Quest system. It might not give you a consistent workout routine that you come back to day-after-day, but you’ll definitely get a few active sessions out of the game.

OhShape [Store Page] $19.99

A recent addition to the Quest library, Jamie described this game as “Beat Saber for your body” and said it was a “genuinely authentic fitness game.” Get you blood flowing as your throw your body around to the music, fitting and moving yourself into all different shapes. With the intensity ramped up, you might end up burning calories faster than some of the other fitness games on this list.

Pistol Whip [Store Page] $24.99

Pistol Whip might seem like a strange entry for a VR exercise list at first, but play a couple of the levels on harder difficulty and you’ll quickly see how Pistol Whip could qualify as a workout. The ducking and constant quick movements will have your glutes and quads burning after a long session. In the past, I’ve even upped the intensity by holding my arms up in a ready-to-fire position constantly and stabilizing my aim with my non-dominant hand, adding a bit of extra arm strain to long sessions.

What are you favorite Oculus Quest VR exercise apps that keep you active in a workout session? Let us know in the comments.

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