EVERSLAUGHT VR Action Game with Intense Locomotion for Players With Iron Stomachs

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    EVERSLAUGHT is an upcoming VR action game that throws VR comfort design out the window in favor of frenetic combat for players who have no issues with motion sickness. The title is set to launch in Early Access later this month.

    In development by indie studio ModX, Everslaught is the kind of game VR game that plenty of studios might be building if motion sickness weren’t a thing. VR comfort design, however, is an important consideration in the vast majority of VR games because it can be easy to give players motion sickness in a headset if you aren’t careful.

    But there is a subset of VR players who seem almost immune to motion sickness, and it’s those players that are Everslaught’s target audience. In a recently released gameplay teaser we can see high-speed stick movement, leaping, and even grappling, mixed in with melee and gun combat. Even as someone who would almost certainly get motion sick with this much movement, it looks pretty damn fun.

    Beyond the fast-paced combat, Everslaught is being built as a procedurally generated dungeon crawler of sorts where players will battle for loot and be able to upgrade their character with skill points, perks, and more.

    The studio well knows it’s going against the grain of VR comfort design, and its pitch is directly to players who laugh in the face of comfort options. Everslaught is promising: