VR Action Game 'Sword Reverie' is a Love Letter to 'Sword Art Online', Trailer Here – Road to VR

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Isekai Entertainment, a Seattle-based indie studio, released the first trailer for its upcoming action game Sword Reverie, a JRPG-inspired title that feels like a heartfelt love letter to the popular anime/manga Sword Art Online (SAO).

Drawing from Japanese games and anime such as Legend of Zelda, Ni No Kuni, and SAO, Sword Reverie is said to follow a character-driven story and include JRPG-inspired abilities and physics-based combat (extra points for the cool hand-drawn explosions).

Here’s the setup, as described by Isekai Entertainment:

After a thousand years of peace, the boiling tensions between the “kingdom of man” and the elemental lords continue to escalate. Seeing that the threat of a catastrophic war is imminent, the Guardian Magnus uses his powers to summon you the “Hero” to his realm, to become his new apprentice.

The Guardian explains to you, that he believes the Elemental lords have grown too powerful and as legend goes, only a “true hero” from a faraway land, can bring balance, peace, and prosperity to all the realms.

Sword Reverie doesn’t have a release date yet, although it’s coming to PC VR headsets via Early Access on Steam and the Oculus platform sometime in 2020. The studio says PSVR and Quest may also be possible additions at a later date.

Beta access is coming soon, which can be requested on the studio’s website.

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