You Can Grab HandSpace On SideQuest With Your Tiny Finger Hands

Your fingers are fitted with tiny hands in the new SideQuest app HandSpace.

The hands can also become floppy, long, small, big, wrong, or kaleidoscopic. The new controller-free hand tracking app from Daniel Beauchamp, aka viral sensation @pushmatrix on Twitter, offers perhaps the most mind-bending use yet of Facebook’s experimental Oculus Quest hand tracking.

We’ve covered a number of Beauchamp’s experiments as the VR/AR development lead at Shopify rapidly prototypes new ideas on the standalone Quest. Each new concept draws massive attention on Twitter, where he first published videos showing the ideas. There was finger walking — an interesting gesture concept that would enable simulated movement by “walking” your fingers from one hand across your other hand’s palm. And there was the detachable hand you could throw across the room and it would “walk” to a destination like the Addams Family’s Thing. In recent days we’ve seen a yo-yo, fingerboarding and more.

HandSpace is the first piece of Quest hand-tracking software you can actually download from Beauchamp. Like most controller-free hand tracking software on SideQuest it is just a small experiment to play around with. You’ll simply clap your hands to switch between different hand styles, including affixing all 10 digits with tiny versions of your matching hand pose.

For those of you with Oculus Quests here is the link to the software on SideQuest and instructions for sideloading content onto the standalone headset from a PC here. For those of you without the headset, or afraid of the strange finger hands, here’s a video I captured showing how it works:

And here are videos of some of Beauchamp’s previous experiments:


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